Stop Dreaming | Start Riding

Our learning-to-ride courses are a good starting point for most people who have already made the decision that motorcycling may enhance the quality of their life and want to get started the best possible way. Our courses provide the basic mental and physical skills for riding.

Most of us would never dream of going skiing for the first time and staring out on a double-black diamond run. Pilots don't begin their flight school in F-16 fighter jets. Motorcycling is no different. We believe the best riders start small and work their way up. By starting out on out smaller and lighter trainer bikes, in a controlled environment at slower speeds, you'll have the opportunity to learn more, faster.

Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The best course for those starting out, or returning to riding after a long absence. Successful completion of this course and its knowledge and skill tests, which consists of approximately five hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction (conducted over two, three or four sessions), will waive the skills portion of the motorcycle license test in Utah and most other states. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use during the course. Also, a course completion card may provide a rider an insurance discount. More »

Experienced Rider Course (BRC2)

For riders who already have basic skills. It is similar to the Basic Rider Course except the speeds are higher and riders should be riding their own motorcycle. It is an excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing basic riding skills. There is an informal classroom component that discusses safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge. It is a perfect way to reinforce basic skills on one's personal motorcycle. Passengers are permitted with a licensed operator on a personal motorcycle. More »

Ultimate Bike Bonding (UBB)

Ultimate Bike Bonding, starting at $70.00, is designed for the rider who wants to feel "one" with their bike? If you struggle with low-speed maneuvers or tight turns? During this class we will focus on refining your manipulative skills and good decision making. There are a lot of low-speed exercises that make it fun but challenging. More »

Private One-on-One Instruction

Utah Rider Education provides the most flexible private instruction program in the state. If you just want extra, one-on-one attention or your busy schedule simply does not work with our traditional course times, private instruction may be just what you need. Without a doubt, one-on-one instruction is the fastest way to improve your skills and lead you quickly to improvements in your riding. (available in Ogden only) More »

Watch this brief summary video of what you can expect during a Basic Rider Course. The video highlights some of the classroom and several riding exercises that you'll get to perform on one of our bikes.

Prerequisites for learning to ride: A person should be able to balance/ride a bicycle, and must possess either a valid Driver's License or Motorcycle Learner's Permit.

Riders wishing to take the Experienced Rider Course must possess a valid Drivers License with a Motorcycle endorsement or Motorcycle Learners Permit or enroll in the Experienced Rider Course with the License Waiver.