Stop Dreaming, Start Riding

We've been involved in motorcycle education since 1985, providing the highest quality MSF certified motorcycle rider education and training in Utah.

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  • Caitlin

    The coaches were wonderful and made learning to ride a lot of fun.

  • Jason

    I should have taken this course years ago! I'm enjoying riding more now than ever before.

  • Rachael

    Dale's voice is constantly echoing in my brain; "Eyes up!" and good thing, it saved me from running off the road.


A Proficient Riders Playground

UT-72 | Whipup Road

This brilliant stretch of tarmac was paved in the early 90's and still, nobody seems to know about it.

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UT-12 | Highway Twelve

We've ridden all over the country and still find this road to be one of our all time favorites.

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UT-150 | Mirror Lake

Climb to almost 11,000 feet past thousands of pristine lakes and find out why it's calld "Mirror Lake Highway."

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